-1 – Sea mist

The tide crashed against the jagged edges of the rock, showering him in a fine, salty mist. There were clouds in the horizon, but neither numerous nor big enough to block the last shimmer of the setting sun in the distance.

• • •

-2 – White memories

He remembered that day so clearly. The moment he left her side for a brief instant to bring her a cup of tea from the hot stove. He came back to find her dead on her bed, her eyes still fixed on the window as if she wanted to watch the falling snow for all eternity. The sweetness of her last smile was forever etched within his memory.

• • •

-3 – The passenger seat

I love road trips… although the reason I enjoy them so much may have a lot to do with the fact that, having been carless for the bigger part of my adult life now and thus terribly out of practice for anyone to trust me with their life on the highway, I always get to ride in the passenger seat.

• • •
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