So, what’s this all about?



My name is Alfonso Acosta Gutierrez. I create illustrations, websites and other digital media related stuff for a living. When I am not working, eating or sleeping, I’m usually running long distances, enjoying good wines, drinking lots of dark beers, or pampering my cats.

I have always loved making up stories in my head, but never found the courage to let them out into the open –naked and exposed– for public consumption… until now.

Thanks to a good friend who has gently kept pushing (and sometimes, not so gently, shoving) me into places well beyond my comfort zone, I am starting to build up a daily writing habit. She got me thinking that, if I became a runner by running on a regular basis… well, I think you get the idea.

So I welcome you to Perfect Flaws, my no longer private experiment in the art and craft of writing.

I really hope you enjoy reading my little poems and stories…

I am having a great time bringing them to life.