87 – Heirloom

She could hardly hide her disappointment when her grandmother’s retainer handed her the package.

“Is that it?” She asked.

“Yes, Miss Spencer. This is what Lady Aster left you in her will.”

She looked at the package sitting on her kitchen table. It was obviously a book, carefully wrapped in brown paper held together by twine string with a curiously elaborate knot on top.

“Thanks Nana, just what I needed…” She said to herself. “A big old bible I have nowhere to put.”

She carefully undid the knot and unwrapped the thick volume, what she found inside was not exactly what she expected.

The book was indeed big, and you didn’t have to be an expert to know it was extremely old… but it was certainly no bible. On the dark leather cover the words “Grimorum Arcanum” were etched over a seven pointed star.

Without thinking, she touched the sign and heard herself saying words she only remembered from a dream. The book opened and the sound of her grandmother’s voice sounded in her head.

“Hello again, my child. Time for you to learn the family trade.”

“Now that’s a real surprise.” She thought. This was going to be interesting.

• • •

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