75 – Sniper

This was taking longer than he had hoped, but he had learned the value of patience when waiting for a hit.

The snow made everything shine brightly, straining his eyes. He would have to be very careful not to let it blind him or his aim might be off. He was not about to let anything make him miss his target, the very outcome of the war might depend on this one shot.

The air was getting cold. He rubbed his hands to keep them warm. Like a piano maestro, he knew everything depended on his fingers dexterity.

He saw movement down the pathway, his whole body tensed as he prepared to strike. He carefully loaded the perfectly packed ammo and got in position, waiting for the target to reach the perfect spot.

He held his breath while honing his aim, right in the center of the targets head. Just a bit closer, he wanted no random branches in the way.

A bit closer, two more steps… he let the shot go and saw his target’s head buck violently forward as the projectile reached its mark.

The target fell face down on the thick snow. It was done, mission accomplished.

Suddenly, he saw the target spring back to life and look straight at him, its eyes full of fire and maniacal rage. He turned around in terror and began to run for his life.

“CALVIN!” Yelled the girl, running after him while rubbing the back of her head where the snowball hit. “Come back here! I’m going to tell your mom about this. You and your stupid stuffed tiger are going to be grounded until we are old enough to go to college.”

But it was too late, the brave spaceman Spiff was already leaving the atmosphere of the hostile alien planet on his way to new adventures.

• • •

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