99 – Blackness

It was sudden.
A loud noise,
The smell of
Burning rubber,
Sharp pain,

Who would have known
The absence of color
Could have so many shades?

Distant voices,
A sound
That could be my name,
Draws swirls
And obscure patterns
In the void.

“Can you hear me?”

I think so…
Am I thinking?
I’m not sure I am.
Is this what they call

“Stay with me!”

Where am I going?
Where should I stay?
The blackness
Holds me closer,
Like a lover.

“We’re loosing him!”

That’s funny.
I know I lost myself
A long while back.
Why wold you want
To find me?


It was sudden.
A loud noise,
The pungent smell
Of ozone,
An abrupt spasm,

The blackness folds away.
I slip out
Of its passionate embrace.
Not yet, my love.

Not yet.

“Can you hear me?”


I can.

Why did you bring me back?

• • •

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