98 – Crossing

What’s on the other side?

Lost friendships and forgotten lovers might be lurking there.

Perhaps the corpses of old childhood dreams?

No way to know, at least not from this side.

Staring at the wall, I hear the voices calling out my name. Whispers seeping from the cracks in the old plaster.

Veiled threats disguised as promises of hidden knowledge.

“Just do it. Pull the trigger and it shall all be clear.”

I put the gun down and take out all the bullets, its touch still cold against my temple.

Not tonight.

They growl and snarl in disappointment, I close my eyes and smile.

Their lies are tempting but I already know the answer to their riddle, and that gives me the strength to stay on this side one more day.

The unknown is just a little step beyond the thin border of sanity, it’s not even that difficult to get there.

All you have to do is die.

• • •

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