97 – Footprint

You saw it live, on black and white TV, a wide-eyed child watching in awe as man walked for the first time on the Moon.

Your young mind filled with dreams of glory and adventure, you spent the next weeks climbing into rocket ships that looked exactly like your favorite tree and flying them to distant worlds. You became part of a bigger dream.

But somewhere on the way to Futureland the course was lost. Times and political priorities changed. The race to get there had been won, a nation’s pride restored, no-one saw any use in spending more to stay there.

The huge rockets were silenced, the goals became more “practical”, eyes turned away from distant stars and focused on immediate gains… the dream withered and died.

Looking thru a box of childhood memories, you find a carefully framed photo of a single footprint on the lunar dust. Somewhere in your heart, a wide-eyed child remembers a lost dream and sheds a tear.

• • •

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