96 – Headache

The first days
Were the worst.
Blowing my head off
Almost became
A good alternative.

But they say
You can get used
To anything
If you endure it
Long enough.

I did.

A whole menagerie
Of treatments and painkillers
Went by without a trace.
Pure stubbornness and will
Propelled me.

I paid attention to the pain.
I began to sense its form,
I heard it move around my head,
I could even hear it breathing.

I became a warrior
Fighting him
In every corner
Of my head.

It became a dragon,
A beast to vanquish,
A quest to conquer,
An almost friend.

Then one day
I woke to feel a curious void.
The pain was gone.

I called its name.
Looked for him in all
It’s favorite places.

There was no trace,
No goodbye note.

It was just gone.

And now
I miss him.

• • •

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