90 – Missed call

It was a magnificent view. Thousands of silver ships in perfect formation entering the atmosphere all around the planet.

The huge saucers elegantly maneuvered to position themselves above every city in the world, where they hovered in majestic silence.

Suddenly, a single message was repeated in every language at the same time.

“Greetings, Earth people. This is a delegation of ambassadors from every corner of the galaxy. We have answered your call and bring you the keys to universal peace and harmony.”

The shiny behemoths stayed perfectly still, patiently waiting surrounded by total silence

The streets were empty, everything was deserted. Only the discolored silhouettes etched on the walls and pavement gave any hint of the huge crowds that used to live on this planet.

Hours passed on the now barren planet. The ships finally began to ascend back to the stars.

Only one ship lingered a while longer over a small rural town, but it too disappeared thru the clouds eventually.

Down below, a single sound echoed thru the empty hallways of a school building. It came from the unhooked phone handset in the principal’s office.

A dull recorded voice kept repeating over and over…

“All of our agents are busy at the moment. Your call is very important to us, please stay on the line. One of our agents should be available soon.”

• • •

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