9 – The Key

He stood under the full moon in the middle of the stone circle, naked and surrounded by the twelve standing stones.

The timing had to be perfect. He looked up towards the shining stars. “Today…” he thought, “we conquer heaven.”

He held the ancient carving in his left hand, ready to smash it on the altar. “You kicked us out of heaven because you were afraid of us, old fool. Did you really think we’d never find the doorway? That we would never figure out the key?”

The distant church bells began to chime.

One… “Your children have grown up.”

Two… “You took paradise from us.”

Three… “You pitiful old man.”

Four… “Afraid of the new knowledge in our eyes.”

Five… “Afraid we might outgrow you.”

Six… “Afraid to loose your grip upon us.”

Seven… “You closed the door on us.”

Eight… “You left us to our fate.”

Nine… “Well, today we turn the key.”

Ten… “Get ready, you old fool.”

Eleven… “Tonight we make you pay.”


He smashed the piece of ancient clay against the stone below him.

The stones began to glow. He laughed at the completion of his life’s work.

The glow turned into blinding light. The door to heaven was wide open… But, but… something was wrong!

A look of horror crossed his face as he suddenly realized the true meaning of the scribblings on the broken tablet now shattered at his feet.

He was the key, but a key cannot only be used to open a door! He tried to scream, to run, it was too late…

The glow faded, leaving behind a perfect circle made of thirteen standing stones.

From the darkness, and old man walked into the circle, picked an intact ancient clay tablet from the altar, and walked back into the night.

The timing had been perfect. The lock had once again been turned. The door would stay shut long enough for the next key to appear, and lock it back again.

“You kicked us out of paradise, old fool, waited for us to beg for mercy. But you never expected us to lock the door behind us.”

• • •

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