80 – Eternity

“Something wrong?” The winged figure walking in front of him asked when it saw the expression on his face.

“N-no, not really. It’s just that I didn’t imagine it would be so quiet.”

His guide casually glanced around before answering. “Oh. And what did you expect?”

He turned to look at the vast and empty plain around them. There was no vegetation, no mountains or scenery, even the ground was perfectly flat and of the same dull gray as the cloudless sky above them. “I don’t know. I didn’t imagine heaven would be this dull.”

The tall figure stopped walking and turned to look at him. “Is that where you think you are?”

“Uh… yes? I mean, this can’t be hell. You are an angel and said you were here to guide me, so…”

“An angel? Oh, I think I see the problem now. You people still believe we were all suddenly turned into weird monsters after the fall.”

“You mean THIS…” He said, gesturing with his outstretched arm towards the surrounding nothingness. “…is hell?”

“Would you prefer fire, brimstone and pitchforks?”

“I would prefer anything but this boring nothingness. If I had to spend eternity in a place like this I’d go mad.”

“Precisely.” Said the beautiful demon with a smile.

• • •

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