626 – Bling

It was such a voluptuous button.

It was big, bright and red, with a shiny gold trimming and the word ‘PUSH’ written in huge diamond-studded letters. Who could resist?

He stood there for a long time, mystified by this bizarre object. This was definitely not what he expected to find inside the temple’s hidden chamber.

What he found a bit disquieting was how…tempting…this button was. For some strange reason he felt almost compelled to push it. And the weirdest part was, this felt like his own idea, even though he was pretty sure he didn’t really want to push the button.

He was methodically going over all the reasons why it was a good idea not to push the button when suddenly a strong reason for wanting to push it spontaneously popped into his mind.

Maybe the button opened the real treasure chamber?

He tried to shake the intruding thought out of his head, but it had firmly planted itself in his mind and stubbornly refused to let go.

As in a daze, he hardly noticed what he was doing. He felt himself placing both hands on the shiny red surface and applying all his weight down on it.

The familiar ‘Ding, Dong’ of a doorbell echoed against the ancient stone walls. The puzzled look on his face was interrupted by the sudden rhythmic shaking of the ground, accompanied by the sound of immense footsteps getting closer.

The floor began to crack open, huge plumes of fetid gas and alien-colored flames started sprouting everywhere around him.

His mind suddenly shocked back into his own self, he turned towards the entry passage, running with that amazing speed only panic can concede to human legs.

A huge form made of darkness and nightmares reared its many tentacled head. From a hundred different mouths, a voice more ancient than time itself resounded thru the abandoned temple.

“Yes? Who is it? … Hello? Who’s there?”

A myriad eyes of every kind and color looked around, finding no one.

“Oh not again, for R’lyeh’s sake! I’m getting tired of this stupid ring and run prank! Can’t I even enjoy a quiet nap?”

The ground loudly slammed shut. Behind the ancient temple’s pillars a group of young demons giggled and whispered amongst themselves.

“Did you see his face?”

“Which one?”

“All of them, he was furious.”

“Wanna do it again?”

“Nah, let’s wait a couple of centuries to be sure he’s gone back to sleep, it’s no fun otherwise.”

“Ok,” Said the smallest one. “But next time it’s my turn to be the button.”

• • •

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