623 – Refugees

I never really liked the color blue. Not for any particular reason, it just feels…wrong.

But I digress.

You were telling me how much you hate us being here, and why we should all go back to where we came for before I so roughly interrupted you.

Don’t get me wrong. While I don’t really understand your visceral hate, I can see how difficult it is for you to accept us. Our culture, our language, the color of our skin, everything about us is very different from what you’re used to see as your ‘normal’ way of life.

Still, before judging us too harshly, you should remember we did not ask to be here. We were quite happy in our own place and would gladly go back…if there was anything left to go back to.

Besides, it was you who dragged us into a war we had nothing to do with and which ended up destroying our home along with most of our friends and families. In a way, it was you who really brought us here.

So as you can see, we are stuck with you just as much as you are stuck with us. And there’s not much any of us can do about it except try our best to, if not understand each other, at least coexist in relative peace.

In fact, if anybody has good reasons to hate someone here that should actually be us hating you. But we don’t, even if you people keep making more and more difficult everyday for us to not respond to your attacks.

You are, even if unwilling, our hosts after all.

Anyway, it was nice talking to you. I hope our little conversation has helped enlighten you a bit about our real situation.

The tall creature released a tentacle’s grip and let the limp human drop to the floor. With a sigh from its respirator, it raised several antennae up towards the sky.

I never really liked the color blue. Not for any particular reason, it just feels…wrong. A proper sky should be a glorious golden hue, like it was on our own planet.

Like it was back home.

Unceremoniously, it pushed the dead body over the bridge, letting it plunge to the water far below.

• • •

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