617 – Responsibility

“I screwed up really bad, didn’t I?”

“This is why we said you could only have your own if you promised to take good care of them.”

“But I just went to play with my friends for a while. I didn’t think anything would happen.”

“You know they are very delicate and require constant supervision. After all, their whole environment depends on you.”

“They’re all going to die now, aren’t they?”

“I don’t know, sweetie. The balance of their ecosystem is very fragile, and now it’s broken.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt them.”

“I know, sweetie, I know. Maybe some of them will survive. But if they do, you will have to work very hard to keep them alive while the system cleans itself and the balance is restored.”

“I still don’t understand. How did they manage to make such a big mess in so little time? I don’t want them to die.”

“Now, now… don’t cry. I know it’s sad. But I’m sure you’ve learned an important lesson about responsibility.”

“Yes. If they survive, I promise I’ll be more careful and keep an eye on them all the time so they don’t mess everything up again.”

“I know you will. But this is why we kept telling you to wait a little longer before trying to this by yourself. Now go play outside while I clean up a bit, Yahweh”

“Thanks mom! You’re the best!”

With a bright flash, the little god disappeared while Gaia sadly stared at the blue sphere floating in front of her.

“Ok, let’s see. Pollution, resource over-exploitation, species extinction, war. I’ll never understand how these creatures manage to screw up whole planets so fast. Well, at least they haven’t gone nuclear on each other…yet. *SIGH* where do I start to clean up this mess?”

• • •

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