616 – Simple pleasures

A cup of fragrant tea on a cold winter night.

The smell of moist earth after the rain.

The quiet purring of a cat on my knees.

A smile on the face of the one I love.

Shots of finely aged bourbon with a special friend.

The song that still makes me dance, even after playing it a thousand times.

An early morning run under the stars.

Dog-eared books I know by heart yet still keep reading from time to time.

Random text messages from a faraway friend who is nevertheless close to my heart.

Having the means to say “fuck it” and burn bridges without looking back.

Facing my fears to jump into the unknown, laughing.

Being able to sit in silence, just to enjoy being with myself.

The warm touch of morning sunshine on my face.

The cool embrace of the evening breeze.

Being young enough to dream, regardless of my age.

The humble act of simply breathing.

• • •

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