612 – Void

The algorithm yawns
And spreads
Its wings
Of bytes
And darkness.

Surveillance cameras
Blink alive
With the first rays
Of an electric
Black sun.

The mind tries,
But cannot hide
From the storm
Of social flogging
And consumption.

There is no rest
For the wicked
Or the sane,
As long as our data
Is monetizable.

The quiet tendrils
Of the electronic beast
Burrow to the bone
Of our digital

We wish
For a way out,
But only
If we can buy it online
And get free same-day delivery.

The fuzzy memory
Of wise teachers
And shamans
Keep pointing
To the exit.

They scream…
Just sit!
Just breathe!
Just be!

Our line is always busy.

We never take the call.

• • •