611 – Fearless

The old fox sat calmly at the top of the rock. “I’m sorry, I really don’t have time for you right now.” With a slight yawn he looked away from the wolf.

The wolf started to growl, its huge yellow teeth slowly showing behind the curling lips.

“You should know better than to try to provoke the guardian of this forest. I don’t even have to fight to defeat you. Are you sure you want to face the full extent of my power?”

“I’m not afraid of a stupid old fox. I’m a wolf, I do not know what fear is.“

“I’m just being polite and trying to stop you from getting hurt. You still have the chance to leave this forest peacefully on your own.”

The huge wolf let out a lower, more menacing growl, its body arching like a spring, preparing to leap straight for the old fox’s throat.

“I mean it, you really shouldn’t do this.”

The beast jumped… and suddenly found itself falling down to the river as the fox watched him from the rock on the other side of the hidden ravine.

“I told you.” Yelled the fox at the loudly cursing splash far below just as the wise owl came flapping down beside him.

“You think he’ll be ok?”

“Oh, yes. He’s pretty tough. But by the time he manages to get out of the river he’ll be too far, too wet and too tired to even think about coming back to our forest. I think we’re safe from him now.”

“That was awesome. You were just as fearless as him.”

“I certainly hope I’m not. Not knowing fear doesn’t make you brave, just reckless and, in his case, very stupid.”

“So what’s the difference?”

“Being brave just means you are very, very afraid to do something, but you still do it. Because you are more afraid of what would happen to those you love if you don’t.”

They quietly watched as the river rapidly carried the wolf away from the forest and their lives.

“Its getting cold. Let’s get some tea.”

• • •

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