61 – Firewall

The certainties
Of black and white,
Of ones and zeros,
Of a simple yes or no,
In a single string
Of code.

A love affair
With fuzzy logic,
With algorithms
And streams.
A shiny tinsel altar
To the deaf and blind god
Of big data.

Insatiable with hunger
For the currency of eyeballs,
For the fool’s gold of retweets,
And likes, and page views,
And going viral.

Reality distorted
By the bouncing back and forth,
Of the same overexposed memes
Within the echo chamber
Of narrow timelines.

Choice, expression, free will…
Hollow worlds devoid of meaning,
Conveniently packaged
In a sensory overload
Of instant gratification.

Narratives carefully crafted
To the goals of the best bidder.
A make-believe façade
Of accurate and timely news.

A custom crafted worldview
Where things like facts,
Accuracy, or even truth,
Have become merely optional.

Ready to wear
Points of view
And belief systems,
Ideal for the comfort
Of living
Without thinking.

Dare we face the loneliness
Of putting down the shiny screen,
And face the silent void
Of missing out?

Dare step out the online?
Dare we live?

• • •

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