593 – Treasure

She stared for a moment at the pile of charred bones and molten metal under the horny crown. “What was his name again?”

The dragon sighed a deep, bored sigh before answering. “Baldar the Fearless, lord of… somewhere or other… I didn’t really catch that part.”

The queen carefully wiped the blood from her sword before returning it to its scabbard. “Figures. It’s always ‘the fearless’ or ‘the brave’ or ‘the intrepid’. Wonder why we never get anyone calling himself ‘the wise’ or ‘the prudent’?”

“Because anyone who earned such titles would certainly be smart enough to stay as far away as possible from this cave.”

“It was just a rhetorical question. But I do see your point.”

The dragon looked at the other blackened figures lying around the cave and rolled her eyes, half sad and half annoyed. “It’s going to take forever to wash this mess and clear the stench away, it always does.”

“Why do they keep coming? It’s almost like they’ve got a map or something.”

“Well… I’m a dragon. Dragons are supposed to hoard treasures… you do the math.”

“Whoever came up with that silly legend? I’ve never found a scrap of treasure in this cave.”

“Maybe you haven’t, but I certainly have.”

The queen looked a little surprised by this. “You’ve got a treasure? Why haven’t you ever shown it to me?”

“Oh, but you have seen it. In fact you see it everyday.”

“I do? When?”

“Whenever you look in the mirror, my love.”

• • •

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