592 – Thread

–Aren’t you tired of this? You’re always hurting yourself.

–I’m not hurting myself, at least not really… or not in the way you think.

–Dude, your back hurts, your muscles are sore, you’ve lost toenails, your legs are full of scars, you are always aching somewhere. How is pushing your body way beyond what’s proper for your age not hurting yourself?

–You forget that age is always relative, and that not all pain is equal, or even significant. Some pain can be a useful warning while other is actually a form of satisfaction, a witness of achievement if you will.

–So you always thread the thin line between hard effort and injury? That sounds terribly risky. How the hell do you know where one finishes and the other one begins?

–It isn’t always easy but, if practiced properly, it can teach you a lot about being truthful to yourself, it can even help you become much more than just a better athlete.

–Really? How?

–You learn to really listen to your body and your mind. You learn to love yourself for what you are and what you can be. You realize everyone around you is fighting their own battle and simply love them for it without expecting them to love you back.

–You’re beginning to sound like a freaking guru.

–I’m just someone who decided life is just too fucking short to waste it being afraid to live it like the wild adventure it can be.

–Doesn’t that sound dangerous?

–Not dangerous. Just true.

• • •

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