572 – Faces

The first day of the season was always full of promise.

So many new faces, so many different motivations, so many goals, so many dreams.

Behind their eyes he could see so many different things. Some burnt with a determination that almost bordered rage. Some were lost in waking dreams of fame and glory. Some barely looked up, as if wondering –but not quite daring ask– if they really belonged here. And some reluctantly brought here by an over-enthusiastic friend or partner.

In each one of those faces he saw a story, waiting to be told. He just had to help them discover their own voice so they could tell it to the world.

He knew some of those faces would be lost along the way, washed away by lack of interest, or motivation, or the ever-present pull of other things in life. But some would stay, and he would always be here for them.

This was what he loved to do and this was where he loved to be. He wasn’t sure if they would ever feel that same love, but he would do his best to share it with them and –with a little bit of luck– maybe help them find their own love, even if it was different from his.

The sun was almost ready to crawl out of the horizon. It was the perfect time to start.

He took another look at them, familiar faces mixing and welcoming new faces, chatting and joking with each other… His heart smiled.

He put the whistle to his mouth and let its sharp note cut the morning air.

“Hello everybody. Please come a bit closer so we can begin our warmup before this morning’s training session. But first… I see some new faces. Who’s with us for the first time today? Please raise your hands. I’d like you to stand here beside me for a moment and share with the rest of the team your name, how did you find us, and what are your personal goals.”

The first day of the season was always full of promise.

This was going to be a good day.

• • •