564 – Reasons

The stars fade
One by one,
As dawn yawns
And swallows them.

The streets below
Begin to fill
With traffic noise
And madness.

Wings of smoke
And silent grief
Cover every soul
Under their shadow.

Neglected dreams
Panhandle in a corner,
A patina of cynicism
Tarnishing their silver skin.

A silent figure
Runs unseen among them,
Jumping thru the cracks
That let the light in.

A tiny bit of hope
In every footstep.

A tiny bit of freedom
With each mile.

No crown to win,
No medals to pursue,
Just the simple joy
Of being alive.

The tired dreams look up
And feel
A gentle brush
Of warmness.

A tiny bit of patina
Rubs off against
The figure
Running past them.

They scratch their heads
And wonder why,
But shine just a bit

The silent figure smiles…

And just keeps running.

• • •

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