542 – Sentence

They were old, corrupt, and rich, and they held all the cards.

There was no way we could face them, and they knew it… at least not if we kept playing by their rules.

So we decided to switch the deck.

Since neither the law or armed revolution would work, we took the unexpected route, we learned magic.

Their mansions turned to soil, their guards to trees, their weapons to wild flowers, their money to clear water.

They knew as well as we did the damage to planet was already irreversible, but they also knew they would be dead before everything collapsed so they didn’t care.

They stayed defiant to the end, of course, daring us to kill them. But that was their way, not ours.

We used our newfound powers to search for a new home among the stars and let them keep the dying Earth.

We didn’t harm them in any way… in fact, we even gave them a gift before we left.

We made them all immortal.

• • •

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