53 – Provisions

It wasn’t hooking up with the sexy ginger girl in the Harley Quinn outfit. No, she was really fun and sweet. She even hoped she’d actually call her sometime.

It wasn’t the hangover either. She’d had way worse on that department and was more than used to surfing over the headache and general crappy mood.

It wasn’t even having lost her favorite pair of red and black earrings. She really liked them, but they were just cheap plastic things some old flame had given her as a failed attempt to stop their impending breakup.

No, the only thing she really regretted at this moment was not listening to her smart aleck brother when he told her to take an extra set of clothes with her in her backpack. And the fact that he was right meant she’d have to bear his “I told you so” look for at least a week.

Doing the walk of shame back to the small neighborhood where everyone knew her parents by their first name was bad enough. But having to do it dressed as a Mexican “Día de Muertos” catrina, feathered wide rimmed veil hat and all? Well, it certainly killed any hope of discretely sneaking into the family home.

At least the coast looked clear, with a little luck she might still quietly get back to her bedroom before they noticed she hadn’t spent the night there.

Her key had almost reached the keyhole when the door opened from within. “Oh, shit.” She thought, suddenly finding herself face to face with her very puzzled grandmother.

• • •

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