512 – Your Move

A mind
Is a terrible thing to face,
When it’s your own.

Hidden ghosts
Skulk in the corners,
Whispering dark secrets
In your ear.

Wing flutter
In the darkness,
Hinting menace
But never truly showing.

Every now and then
A dragon rears it huge head.
It never stays for long,
But it has a very long tail.

From her throne of hidden fears,
Mind cheerfully smiles
Plotting ways to make you fat…
Or kill you.

Across the board
You calmly move your pieces,
Playing by the rules
But never trusting her to follow.

She says behind sharp teeth,
you move your queen
She moves a knight.

There’s no rush,
Not since you found the answer.
There’s no need to win or lose,
You just have to keep moving.

You just
Have to keep

• • •

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