510 – Free

–So, tell me again about this ‘free but not free’ thing?

–It’s not that difficult. We are all free to ‘be’, but how free are we to ‘do’?

–Well, if we are free to ‘be’ then we can surely ‘do’.


–Ok, I don’t think I’m following.

–You like running, right?

–You know I do. What’s that got to do with this?

–Bear with me. What kind of running do you like the most?

–Oh, I really enjoy trail running.

–So, why do you run in the city instead of the woods?

–Well, I live far from most running trails, plus it’s not really safe to run alone in the woods. Many runners have been mugged and even raped. You have to go with a group and stay on the less lonely paths.

–So you are totally free to ‘be’ a trail-runner if you want to, but the conditions around you mean you are not free anymore to actually ‘do’ any trail-running whenever or wherever you want to.

–…You…do… realize what you are saying has some extremely disheartening implications?

–Not necessarily.

–Well, it means freedom is nothing but a pipe dream and we are doomed to be slaves of fate.

–Only because your concept of freedom totally depends on what yo can be or do?

–So, if you can’t do what you want, how can you be free?

–By doing something so easy it’s actually the hardest thing to do.

–What’s that?

–You just have to let go.

• • •

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