508 – Small rituals

The recipe
Was true and tested,
But the store was all out
Of frog whiskers and newts eyes.

The incantations
Were simple and clear,
But the candles stubbornly refused
To stay lit around the circle.

The arcane symbols
Were old and powerful,
But she just couldn’t seem
To draw the forms quite right.

The moon and stars
Were in the right position,
But thick clouds covered the sky
And rain drenched the earth around her.

With her cloak soaked
And her feet cold and muddy,
She took the heavy old grimoire
And threw it to the bushes.

Her tiny apartment
Felt comfortable and dry,
The hot toddy in her hands
Made her warm and happy.

Watching the rain
Pour outside her window,
She wrapped herself more tightly
With her favorite blanket.

‘Fuck that shit…’
She thought,
And smiled.
‘This, is real magic.’

• • •

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