505 – Flawed

–Sorry, I’m just not really feeling it. Maybe we should try some other time.

–There’s no better time than now. Besides, you know if I let you off the hook you’ll just forget about the whole thing.

–That’s not fair.

–Maybe, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

–Listen, I’ve had a rough couple of months and I’m really, really, tired. All I want is to curl into a ball somewhere dark and forget about everything and everyone.

–It’s called burnout, and it’s also the reason we are out here in the sun.

–To… get burned some more?

–To keep you from skulking back into your hole to marinate in your misery instead of enjoying a beautiful day.

–Why do you keep doing this?

–Trying to cheer you up?

–No, trying to put the pieces of me back together, even when it’s obvious I’m too broken for them to ever fit again?

–They don’t have to.

–But then everybody will see the cracks.

–So what if they do?

–Do you know what it’s like to go around all broken and scarred among a perfect world?

–The Japanese have an artistic discipline called kintsugi. Ever heard about it?


–When a ceramic piece is broken, instead of throwing it away or trying to make it look perfect again, they repair it by making the pieces fit the best they can and then filling the cracks with gold.

–That’s silly, the cracks will just become more obvious.

–That’s precisely the point. The cracks are a witness to the story that makes the piece unique. Just as our own bumps and cracks make us truly ‘us’.

–But they mean we’re flawed.

–Of course not, dummy. Just like those golden-patched cups, your cracks and scars don’t make you imperfect, they just make you special.

• • •

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