493 – Pressure

“It’s never exactly been a secret, you know?”

“Perhaps, but you haven’t been very forthcoming about it either.”

“I know, it’s just that things kinda keep getting in the way and I end all tangled up.”

“Do they?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do things just keep popping up all by themselves or is part of you looking for an active excuse?”

“That’s not fair!”

“I don’t know if it’s fair or not, but isn’t it at least a bit true?”

“No… yes… oh, I don’t know.”

“The fact you’re doubtful would seem to make the answer lean more heavily on the ‘yes’ side.”

“Maybe I’m tired of always being the one who has to bare and bear it all. Maybe I just want the chance to be the irresponsible one for a change. Maybe I just want to grow a thick skin and be cynical about the mess we’re living in.”

“Sorry, but you’re not thick skin material. Your heart is just too big and you’ve got too much empathy for that.”

“I just feel like everyone and everything demands a piece of me all the time. It’s like a thousand hands pulling at me at the same time and ripping me apart.”

“But you are the one bending backwards and all out of shape to try to satisfy all those demands.”

“What else can I do? It’s not like I can simply turn them all away.”

“I know it may be difficult for you to learn how to say ‘no’… but perhaps you could at least try to learn how to say ‘not right now’.”

“And what if they don’t want to wait?”

“If they care about you, they will. If not, then they will find someone else to abuse and leave you alone. A win-win situation.”

“You make it sound so simple.”

“I know it’s not, at least not until you take an important first step.”

“And that is?”

“Stop trying to be everything for everyone and learn to be yourself.”

“But they are counting on me.”

“Relax, the world and their lives will go on even if you take some time to love and care for yourself.”

“I think I need a drink.”

“Let’s go, I’m buying.”

• • •

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