486 – Itch

Damm, damn, damn, SHIT!

You’re cursing again.

I fucking KNOW I’m cursing!

No need to shout, you know?

Its shouting or throwing the bloody computer, and maybe the whole stupid desk, thru the window.

Please don’t. I just planted spring onions and garlic under it.


You know? It might be easier if you just talked about what’s bothering you.

Oh… I don’t know. Feeling trapped in a job I no longer enjoy… Seeing all the people I was supposed follow as role-models turn out to be just somewhat more educated pieces of abusive shit… living in a world where intelligence, honesty and basic human decency are seen as something to be ashamed of?

That’s a lot to handle alone.

I know. It’s like one of those fucking itches right in that spot on your back you just can’t scratch. I feel like I’m burning out.

Maybe you just need to stop trying so hard to scratch?

I don’t know how.

You can always ask for help.



Just hold me tight, ok?

Come here, dummy.

• • •

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