479 – Old wives’ tales

I’ve half-heard her name
Whispered by old ladies
Before promptly crossing
Their wrinkled scared faces.

The town’s men
Make fun of their fears
Laughing over huge beers…
Yet never enter the forest.

Even the children
Play dare on each other
To see who gets close to the old bridge
But they never cross it.

Some say they have seen her eyes shining,
Like embers behind the brown leaves.
Others swear they have heard her hooting,
As she silently flies thru the night.

The bravest have dared a few paces
To find magic circles and charms.
They merrily boast of their courage,
And never go back.

The witch of the forest is said to be ancient,
Her ruined tower the doorway to hell.
Her intricate circles house to faeries and demons.
Her strange charms a trap for lost souls.

Atop an old tower deep inside the forest,
An old fox and a wise owl
Look down on the townsfolk,
Then hi-five each other, and laugh.

• • •

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