460 – Clockwork soul

I’m really sorry, but there’s not much I can do, really.

I’d like you to try your best, anyway.

You don’t understand, the main crystal matrix is cracked, Chi reverberators are totally out of sync, the whole blood has been contaminated by the nanite leak from the soul bladder and the main circuit board is fried.

You are the best golem master in this landmass.

Oh, I can fix it. But is it really worth it? In its current state the repairs would be costlier than the whole thing’s worth. You would really be better off getting a new model. I actually have some very interesting ones right over here. If you just follow me I’d be glad to…

No, thank you. I want you to help him.

I could make you a very sweet discount, could even take this as as a deposit. Some of its parts are quite rare, you know?

Just cure him, please.

*SIGH* Very well, sire. But you do understand expenses will be quite high. I will have to re-synthesize all of its body fluids to get rid of the impurities, and take a seedling from the main crystal to grow a new one… growing vat time is quite expensive.

Go ahead.

The circuit board might be difficult to find, if it has to be specially consecrated…

I will gladly cover it all in advance.

…Not faery gold, I hope. We don’t accept that here.

You will be paid in fresh dragon’s blood. Six extra vials if you take really good care of him and make sure he’s comfortable and suffers the minimum pain during the healing process.

Six whole vials?!

Yes, delivered right into your hand as soon as he is back on his feet and completely recovered.

I’ll see to it personally, sire!

I expect you will. I’ll be dropping by daily to check on his progress, of course.

Of course, sire. Whenever you wish.

Good. I’ll be on my way now. I leave him in your expert hands.

I trust you will not be disappointed. A question if I may, sire?


A man of your wealth could surely afford to have a whole new golem custom-animated to your exact specifications for the price you are paying to have this old thing repaired.


I’m just curious as to why?

Because he’s not just an old ‘thing’.

Ah, I see. A family heirloom.

Much more than that.

A personal gift from someone special then?

No, he’s just my friend.

• • •

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