46 – Epitaph

This is what we learned
When the world ended.

We found out how accurate
The poet was in his prediction.
There was no deafening bang,
But just a whimper.

We found out we were never
As special as we had hoped.
No angels or benign aliens
Dropped from heaven to our rescue.

We found out that we would leave
No hint of our existence.
Our towers of glass and steel
Rusted away and crumbled
Into nothing.

We found out life continued.
Even maggots thrived and feasted
On our rotting corpses,
For the little time they lasted.

We found out we were never owners,
But merely spoiled and disrespectful tenants.

We found out no one would be left
To  shed a tear for us,
Or even bear memory of our existence.

We found out we were not shining lights,
Just fleeting shadows.

We found out the world
Didn’t quite end.

We found out
It just went on
Without us.

• • •

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