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“That’s a pretty funny looking hill. I hadn’t seen it before.”

“That’s because you never come to this part of the forest. And it’s not a hill, it’s a castle… what’s left of it anyway.” Said the old fox as he scampered over the wobbly stones.

“I don’t think anyone but you comes here, actually. Everybody else thinks this place is cursed.”

“It’s not cursed, it just bears the burden of bad memories so old nobody really remembers them anymore but still stay away just in case. Still, if a curse is what keeps this place so nice and quiet let’s not lift it just yet, shall we?” 

The fox sat at the highest point of a crumbling tower. “I only come here to enjoy the view, you can see all of the forest from here.”

The wise owl glanced around with casual boredom. “It’s uh… nice… I guess.”

“Considering you can fly I’m sure this looks pretty boring to you. But for those of us who dwell on the ground this is a perspective we very seldom get to enjoy.”

The owl turned towards her friend, noticing the look of almost childish wonder in his eyes as he scanned the horizon.

“I guess you’re right. I’ve sometimes wondered myself how the world must look when seen from the ground up.”

“Oh, it does have its advantages. You get to see all the fine details up close… but whenever I start to get too lost in them I come up here to remember they are but parts of a whole.”

“You know? Now that I think of it, maybe I should spend some time on the ground myself every now and then, whenever I start to forget all the little details that lay under the cover of the whole.”

“When you do.” Winked the fox. “I’ll be happy to offer you a cup of my personal tea blend.”

“I’ll bring the cookies.”


They sat in silence, smiling, as the clouds slowly swam across the summer sky.

• • •

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