450 – Contextless dialog

That was harsh…

Maybe, maybe not. The only thing certain is you both needed and deserved it.

You may be right, but I still get the impression you enjoyed it a bit too much.

Not really. I do have better things to do than kick your head out of your ass.

I told you, I’m in a rut right now.

And that’s where you’re going to stay, marinating in your own self-pity while you wait for anyone BUT yourself to drag you out of it.

It’s not easy, you know?

Well, trust me, sitting there watching the world go by thru the tunnel-vision of your depression ain’t going to make it any easier.

Don’t give me that look, I’m not pulling you out. It’s your life. I’m not going to quit being your friend even if you decide to dig your head even deeper and shut out reality, but I will keep punching you hard in the hope you’ll wake up and do something.

I just feel like I’ve given up on everything that made me feel happy and alive.

That was your decision, and you have to live with it. But it doesn’t mean you can’t reclaim those things.

I knew it was wrong, even as I explained to myself in very convincing terms why I did it deep in my gut I knew it was wrong.

You’d better start listening more closely to that gut of yours, or I’ll have to keep punching it.

You know you’re an asshole, right?

You’re welcome. More coffee?

• • •

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