417 – Snooze

Was awake.

How long
Was his slumber?
Minutes? Aeons?

When you’re a cosmic being
Time is inconsequential.

Wings of night
Stretched open
Towards emptiness.

Huge tendrils
Of pure madness
Touched the sky.

Heavy eyelids quivered,
Then slowly opened.

Eyes of ancient fire
Saw everything
And everywhere
At once.

Reason drowning
In a pool of hate and fear.

Weaponized paranoia
Dancing madly on the streets.

Brave and lonely voices
Muffled by the crowd.

Ignorance as king
Wearing a crown of guns.

The stars were right,
The gates were open,
R’lyeh had risen.

But why bother?
There was hardly any need
For primal chaos here.

As the dark waves
Rose again over the city,
Cthulhu went back to bed.

Maybe, he thought chuckling,
The next dominant species
Will be wort it.

• • •

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