40 – A dragon’s lullaby

A lonely shadow
Under the waning moon.
Worries and troubles
Slowly being ground to dust
By the rhythmic pounding
Of my running feet.

Memories of a smiling face
Come bubbling up between the cracks
Within my mind.
The dragon growls.

He follows them with greedy eyes.
Each one now a rare jewel.
From this source,
No more shall come.

My legs groan…
“–You’re pushing too hard!”
I don’t care.

Pain is my friend now.
If I can feel pain, it should follow,
The opposite must also be true.
I’m still alive.

My feet keep pounding, grinding.
Becoming the heartbeat
Of the lonely city streets at dawn.

Slowly, the dragon lowers its head,
And curls onto itself.
Vanquished for another day.
It never sleeps.
It just crouches,
And waits.

My pace slows down.

When true friends become
A scarce commodity,
A single scratch out on the list
Can disturb a whole universe’s balance.

No man’s an island.

Exhausted, I let myself stop.
I watch the setting moon.
I turn to see the rising sun.

A race already lost,
But still worth running
With your whole bleeding, pumping,
Screaming heart.

Full speed ahead
To its sharpest, final edge.
So when we cross it, we don’t fall…
But jump!

For GW 1963 – 2016
Godspeed, my friend
And farewell.

• • •

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