398 – Afterimage

It was barely more
Than a half-forgotten dream.

What was he trying
To remember?

He rummaged carefully
Among the scattered fragments.

And took inventory
Of everything he found…

The gentle sound
Of wind-chimes.

The soft caress
Of a slow breeze.

The distant echo
Of rolling thunder.

The forgotten outline
Of a face he once loved.

The smell of petrichor
Mixed with fresh gardenias.

The looming darkness
Of a storm.

The breathing of
A naked body next to his.

The roaring engine
Between his legs.

The taste of blood
And whiskey.

The sadness of
An empty road.

He put the pieces back
And closed the coffin’s lid.

They were no longer
Part of him.

He was barely more
Than a half-forgotten dream now.

With one last tender kiss
He let her go.

Her eyes opened,
Tears running down her cheeks.

What had she dreamt of?

What was she trying
To forget?

• • •

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