39 – Shed skins

The sunset was spectacular, as most desert sunsets tend to be. Watching it from the top of the mesa brought distant memories into his mind.

It had been in a place very much like this, on a world still young and restless.

He had climbed out of the fresh crater formed by his own fall, and found himself naked at the top of the mountain.

He wasn’t sure how long he stood there, watching as the last of the delicate golden feathers dissolved and crumbled into a pile of dust that faintly glittered in the light of the setting sun.

The cauterized scars on his back were still hurting where the flaming sword had cleanly cut between his wings and him. But seeing the mountains painted red and gold as the sun went down had reassured him it was worth it.

As the thin dust at his feet scattered with the breeze he had smiled before walking down towards what would be his new home.

The sun had almost disappeared under the horizon when a faint glitter caught his eye, bringing him back from his memories. He squatted over a fresh rattlesnake skin, not long ago discarded.

“How very appropriate.” He thought. Then stood up and walked back to his waiting Harley.

As the engine roared back to life, the last rays of light caught his mirror shades, making his eyes look like burning fire.

He loved this tiny ball of mud and rock so much.

“Worth loosing heaven for the sunsets alone.” He said to himself, chuckling a bit as he hit the open road.

• • •

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