387 – Monsters

The knight’s sword was still dripping blood as he climbed the final steps.

“Rejoice, fair maiden! I have killed the beasts that guarded your prison. You are finally free!”

The woman at the top of the tower turned to face him with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Why did you kill my friends?”

“I did no such thing, my lady. Those savage dragons, trolls and goblins must have killed them before I had the chance to save them.”

“Those were my friends!”

“But they were monsters! What evil witch or wizard cast this spell that forces you to call such hideous creatures friends? Tell me now and I swear by everything sacred to go on a quest to set you free!”

“There is no other witch here other than me! And the only evil spell is the one that let you find this castle. You have defiled a home that I shared with the most noble, loyal and brave friends for centuries.”

The knight’s face went from baffled surprise to furious rage.

“Stand back sorceress! You may have lured me into this trap but you shall not defeat virtue!”

A simple finger-snap turned the knight’s raised sword into a steel serpent which swiftly wrapped itself around his neck.

“You saw creatures different from yourself and disguised your fear as bravery and your ignorance as virtue. You called them monsters and felt you had some divine right to murder them in cold blood. They may have looked like monsters, but the way you think and act just proves you are something far worse…you’re human.”

The angry words sounded eerily distant in the dying knight’s ears. Everything began to fade around him.

• • •

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