386 – Yes and no

“You’ve been working on that sigil for months now. Aren’t you tired?”

“Not really. I enjoy working on it, I find it very soothing.”

The wise owl flapped down from her branch and gently sat on a rock nearer to where the old fox was carefully choosing just the right twigs, pebbles and leaves for his work.

“It must be a pretty big symbol, that’s a lot of things you’ve carrying.”

“It’s not that big, just a lot more detailed than the others.”

Finally satisfied with his haul, the fox stood up to leave.

“So why is this one more detailed?”

Asked the owl, flying from one branch to the next as she followed the fox.

“Because it’s very important.”

“Is that why it’s taking you so long to finish it?”

“Yes and no.”

“What kind of an answer is that?”

“The truth.”

“Do you always have to speak in riddles?”

“I’m a fox, dear. It’s part of my nature. But in this case I’m not speaking in riddles, the answer is really yes and no.”

The owl was in no mood for mental gymnastics and decided to drop the subject.

“When can I see it?”

“Right now if you want to.”

“But I want to see it when it’s finished.”

The fox stopped and turned to face the owl.

“This sigil is not like the others. It represents the heart of our forest.”

“So that’s why it’s so important!”

“Yes, but that’s also why the answer to your question about why it’s taking so long to finish is yes and no.”

The owl almost missed the last branch, confused by the fox’s words.

“I don’t understand.”

“Our forest is alive, flowing and changing every day and season, so its heart must also flow and change with it.”

The owl’s eyes widened with surprise and realization.

“Yes, my dear. This is a sigil that, like our forest, will hopefully remain forever unfinished.”

A warm breeze rustled the leaves around them, like the breath of a giant sleeping dragon.

“So, do you want to see it or not?”

The fox continued on its way, trying hard to hide the wide smile on his face as he heard the owl’s wings follow close behind him.

• • •

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