383 – Falling

A funny thing happens
When you’re falling
Down the abyss.

First, of course,
Comes fear
As you feel the ground
Give way under your feet.

Panic follows closely
As your hands search,
In vain,
For anything to hold.

Despair and resignation
Begin to settle in
As your instincts
Finally give up.

Idle thoughts creep in,
Taking you
To distant times
And places.

Old memories
And lost hopes
Rush by like rats
Bailing from a sinking ship.

Useless guilt pops up,
Followed by a wish
For second chances
And fantasies of restoration.

Finally comes boredom,
As the ground
You’ve been expecting
Fails to manifest itself.

With nothing left
To win or lose,
The crazy voice of wisdom
Whispers in your ear.

Has it occurred to you
That with no ground to hit
There’s no real difference
Between falling and flying?

• • •

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