382 – Chivalry

Twisted shards
Of a once shining armor
Smoking and smoldering
In the setting sun.

Broken pieces
Of a singing sword
Scattered upon
The charred ground.

A golden eagle
Resting on the splinters
Of a magic,
Useless shield.

Blackened bones
Crumbling into ash,
Slowly blown away
By the cool breeze.

A wounded dragon
And her warrior queen
Stand together
Holding hands.

Save me from her dark Magic?
Spellbound against my will?
Growls the angry queen,
Knuckles white against the grip.

What an idiot!
She mutters,
Cleaning the knight’s blood
From her blade.

With one last
Disdainful glance
The lovers return
To their magic cave.

• • •

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