379 – Switch

A thousand fireflies
Burst behind your eyelids,
Violently swirling
As they chase away
Your dearest demons.

From beyond
The mirrored glass,
Dials are read
And knobs adjusted
Before the finger
Hits the switch

And reasons
Crumple up
Like burning paper,
Leaving funny shaped
Pieces of nothingness.

The white-robed gods
Appear to be content.
All straps, restraints, and cables
Are carefully Released.
The show is off.

A wrinkled voice,
Full of medical authority,
Solemnly declares
The electroshock exorcism
A resounding success.

The lights are dimmed,
The voices fade away.

From behind
The pulsing darkness
A tiny pair of shining eyes
Carefully peer out.
The old fox
Is still alive.

A smile blossoms
On your weary face.

Sparks and volts
May wipe your mind,
But there’s always a backup
In the deepest corner
Where Phaedrus
Silently stands guard.

• • •

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