376 – Speed-bump

Her fingers
Calmly drew
A perfect circle
On her lover’s
Naked back.

The scent
Of sweat and whiskey
Still lingered
On the bed sheets
As she silently
Got out.

She sat
On the far edge,
Watching the lights
From the highway
Swiftly race
Across the ceiling.

A single tear
Ran down her cheek
While she replayed
The words
Inside her head
Over and over.

Make up sex
Was so intense
It felt almost
Like a passionate
Skin duel
To the death.

I’m sorry.
Said the voice
Softly sobbing
Behind the wall
Of her turned back.
I love you.

Her own lips
Refused to yield
Even as her heart
Desperately banged
Against the bars
Of her own rib cage.

I’m so sorry.
Her beautiful back
Still turned to her
Was both a barrier
Between them
And a lure.

She tried hard
To ignore her,
Fanning the embers
Of her pain
In search of

The sun was rising
Thru the cracked
Bathroom window,
She silently stared
At a single golden drop
Hanging from the faucet.

A pair of soft arms
Wrapped themselves
Around her,
A warm body pressed
It’s naked skin
Against hers.

She slowly
Raised her eyes
To meet hers.

I’m sorry.

I know…

Their lips met
As their hearts melt
Into each other.

I love you too.

• • •

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