36 – Stone

A crash at the door.
Move, cover,
They’ve come.

Crouch, hide,
Be still like a dead man.

Stay in the shadows.
Let them be hunters.

Three step inside,
Guns raised before them.
One guards the door.

Nearer, nearer,
Just let them come.

Grab from behind.
A swift cut,
One down.

Duck, run.
Guns scream in anger.
Go for the door.

A muzzle peeks in.
Grab, jolt,
Twist him around.

They fire at the noise.
Two down.

They split,
I wait.

An armored silhouette,
In front of the window.

Run, kick, push.
Glass shatters.
Three down…
A long, long way down.

Things explode,
And splinter around me.

A scared fool with a gun.

Stay low.
Grab the belt
From the bathrobe.

Keep silent.
Keep still.
He’ll come.

Jump, grab,
Twist the belt
Pull tight.

He hurls,
Like a wild bull.
I will not let go.

I feel my rib crack
As we slam the wall.
I will not let go.

A desperate hand,
A gun’s muzzle,
A flash.

Something fast and hot
Grazes my temple.
Pull tighter.

He staggers,
And folds under me.
Four down.

I sit on the floor,
Slouched against the wall.

I hurt, that’s good.
It means I’m alive.

Clean the blood
From my face.

Today they were sticks…
I was stone.

• • •

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