31 – Shy

She wakes up, and snaps a picture of her cat, cuddled against her breasts… then posts it up on Twitter.

A shower and three Pinterest post of her wardrobe choices later, she prepares herself some toast and coffee for breakfast… which she promptly Instagrams.

She rides the bus downtown, taking some time to Periscope her daily route and some of the landmarks she sees everyday on her way to work.

She checks in on Foursquare as she reaches the tall building that houses her employer’s offices, and remembers to update her LinkedIn profile to reflect her move to the new branch.

Her coffee break gives her the chance to finally share her weekend photos on Facebook, each of them dutifully geo-localized and with all her friends and family properly tagged.

Later, as she’s getting ready for her date, she ask her WhatsApp friends group for advice on good Chinese restaurants nearby.

The young man she met thru Tinder looks disappointed. They have been dating steadily for almost six months now, but she still won’t consider staying over with him.

“I’m sorry, Joe. You’re a nice guy, and I really like you. I’m just not ready to get so… intimate yet. Please understand. I’m just shy by nature. Being naked, making breakfast, doing all the things I’m used to do in the privacy of my own space in front of you would be mortifying. I need more time before exposing so much of myself in front of anyone else.”

On the taxi back home, she tearfully writes about their breakup on her blog.

• • •

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