304 – Fault-line

The first three days
Were the most difficult.

It was not the loneliness
Or the everlasting darkness.
The thing that really hurt her
Was the cold.

She knew the exact day
The earth opened up to swallow her.
She just couldn’t pinpoint
When it happened.

If she tried really hard
She could still remember how it was
To feel the sun, and her hands
Caress her skin.

But the colors of her memory,
Like an old over-used favorite shirt,
Kept fading more and more
Each day.

She still tried to reach her
Every now and then,
But her hand
Extended thru the crack above her
Was always just a bit
Too far away.

“I love you.”
She would say, between tears.
“I know… I love you too.”
She tried to answer every time,
But the words kept getting frozen
On her lips.

“It’s not your fault.”
She finally muttered.

“My heart was already broken,
Long before my soul
Finally cracked too.”

• • •

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