30 – Breaking in

The perimeter fence is easy. I slip in without any trouble. They have hidden cameras scattered all around the field, but I know where they are. I slip like one more shadow right past them.

I reach the inner wall. This will be a bit trickier. I have to time it very closely. The searchlights sweep the wall, crisscrossing all its length. I watch closely. They are supposed to move at random, but that’s just appearance. After a couple of passes I understand the pattern. Left, up, right, left, down… NOW!

I climb the wall and go over the ledge before the beam returns. Not bad, I’m almost halfway there.

I check my watch. Good timing, I still have a couple of hours.

The skylight is reinforced mesh glass, but it does have a ’tamper proof’ lock. I smile. This is so easy it’s almost disappointing.

The loot is at the end of the corridor. More cameras, infrared sensors and even ultrasound. That’s more like it. I slip and twist my way the ten feet to the reinforced door.

The lock is easy, but the pressure sensors on the floor are an unexpected surprise. The alarm goes off. I have less than three minutes before the guards arrive.

I quickly fill my backpack with as much as I can carry and head for the cargo lift shafts. The sound of footsteps keeps getting nearer, but I’m already climbing out the service hatch of the lift’s engine room.

No time to be subtle now. I head for the back of the main building and climb down towards the main garage.

The guards barely get out of the way in time to avoid the hot wired lorry as it crashes thru the main gate. By the time they find it two miles away I am long gone.

I check the exploits of the night. Forty units of highly oxygenated red blood cells. Not a bad haul.

I carefully store them on the refrigerated vault, and pour myself a glass.

I could have done it the old way, of course. But these days you just can’t know what people put in their bodies, and there’s nothing worse than chemical aftertaste to completely ruin a good meal.

Besides, hunting humans for their blood stops being exciting after a couple of centuries. Yes, immortality can become pretty boring. Breaking into ‘sports research’ clinics, on the other hand, can provide a nice bit of entertainment… as long as I don’t cheat and use my ‘talents’ to do so.

I watch the sun rise thru the UV proof windows of my London flat, already planning the next heist in my head.

• • •

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