3 – The Sound

Trying not to panic, he counted silently in his mind.

1…2…3…4…5… The sound again. In the silence he could hear his heartbeat racing. He was sure that ‘it’ could hear it too.

1…2…3…4… The sound again. It was getting closer. He tried to keep his head low. If he could only know from which direction ‘it’ was coming.

1…2…3… The sound again. He strained his eyes trying to see something in the darkness.

His mind raced to find an exit. The door was open, but he would have to cross the open hall to get there. The windows were too high and narrow. The stairs? They were just behind the nearest column… but what if ‘it’ was waiting there for him?

1…2… The sound again! ‘It’ was almost right beside him!

He couldn’t hold his breath much longer. He had to take a chance and make a run for it. He might just make it to the door.

1… The sound again!

He jolted from his hiding place and ran towards the patch of open sky that shone at the far end of the hall, trying not to look at what was left of his companions.

The sound again!

He glanced over his shoulder. There was nothing. The vast hall lay empty and silent. Where had ‘it’ gone? He turned to face the door, and found himself suddenly staring into his own dead eyes.

• • •

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